Hey Babe! Chelsea here, Owner and stylist at

Salon South of For Mill, Sc.


A little about me, I became interested in the beauty industry at a very young age... I think I was 10 when I asked my step dad to cut his hair for the first time, and he let me! It was the worst bowl cut I’ve ever seen but hey, you gotta start somewhere. Am I right?!

After that, I became obsessed with make up and ALWAYS watched my mom do her beauty routine while she got ready for work every night and I was so fascinated by the whole process.


Once I went to school I thought all I wanted to do was stage work and celebrity hair and makeup but after becoming a mom (at the age of 21) I quickly realized that I enjoyed doing hair more for my local community of everyday woman, the mommas that never make the time for themselves and the ladies who are just wanting a fun change! What I love most is pampering you and seeing how happy and relaxed you are after your time with me.

When you come in to see me, I want you to feel at ease and trust that I will be doing what I think is best for your face shape, skin tone and lifestyle. We will come up with the perfect plan together once you show me your inspiration photos and tell me what your goals are. Before we start your service we will go over your goals in depth and set up a game plan for your first service as well as your future appointments so we are always on the path to perfect hair!




When I am out of the salon, I am spending my time with my husband and 2 daughters Zara and Aliza, we also have a dog, Dixon... In the summer we enjoy spending our time at the pool, lake or beach and visiting new small towns that we have never seen before! We love to shop local shops and find new restaurants to try.

When I have the spare time I enjoy  binging Netflix originals.  Some of my current favorites are-

In the dark, YOU, Virgin River and Ozark

And I’m always interested in hearing your show recommendations! 

I am very meticulous and pride myself in the service that I provide. It has taken me many years, tons of education and extra courses to get me to where I am today. I have had many different specialties throughout the years since I have been licensed  because the industry is always changing and so have my interests. Believe it or not, I use to wear multi-colored hair and specialized in vivids! For YEARS! However, I moved away from those services once I realized that it was too harsh on the hair and too much maintenance for most people. I then started to focus more on more natural, lived in colors that seemed to work much better for myself and most women I worked with. I knew that I was still missing something and struggled with thin hair my whole life so I knew I wanted to offer extensions for women that felt the same. I have offered a few different methods over the past 8 years but nothing seemed to work out. So as soon as I heard about handtied extensions I started looking into the method. I was definately against it at first because it sounded like it was too good to be true! I decided that the best thing to do was to have them done on myself and let me tell you what, I honestly hadn’t felt that good about my hair IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! It was truly life changing and I knew I had to offer this service IMMEDIATELY! After a few short months I got certified and started offering SKW sewn in extensions, and it has been the best decision I have made in my whole career! This is now what I fully focus on in the salon. I feel like I am able to give women their confidence back and give them the dream hair they always wanted! And nothing makes me happier than that!


*At this time I am only taking new extensions guest. I am currently booked until spring 2022. If you are interested in booking an appointment with me, please click on the button below to fill out the skw application and I will reach out to you once I receive it. This application will just take a few minutes and helps me get to know you and your goals. If I feel that you are a good candidate for skw extensions I will reach out to book your consultation. I am so excited

to meet you and make all of your hair dreams come true!